How to Get a Grammarly Premium Free Trial

So you want a Grammarly Premium free trial but don’t know how to get it? I’m sure Grammarly’s paid subscription costs a lot and for someone who cannot avail it, there’s no way to have it.

In this article, I will show you how you can avail a free trial premium account on Grammarly. By following the step-by-step guide provided by Little Ubuntu, you’ll be able to do it easily.

Grammarly Premium Free Trial

Grammar is a crucial part of English writing – we all know that. One misspelled word or misused word, the idea and interpretation of what we want to say will change immediately. So it is always necessary to have our writing checked and perfected to avoid confusion. That’s why Grammarly has been a big help to people who have difficulties in writing, especially for non-native English people.

However, using all the features of Grammarly is not free. Yes, you can have it for free, but with limited features. Unlike having a paid account that you can have access to everything. Well, that’s a sad thing!

But don’t worry! I have a solution for you. But before that, you need to have an insight into what Grammarly can do. Look for a grammarly review to know its pros and cons, including its features. That way, you will know if it is worth getting a premium account for this kind of program.

What is Grammarly?


If you heard about Grammarly or you have been using it for quite some time, I’m sure you already know what it is. Grammarly is the best online grammar checker in the whole wide world. It supports numerous tools to analyze your writing and make in-depth corrections. It can detect what is wrong in your texts and immediately suggests the correct ones.

Grammarly is free to download. But as I have said earlier, you’ll have limited access to its features. And for a blogger, writer, or anyone whose job includes writing, getting a free version may not be the best idea.

Now, let me get to the point. Today, there’s no way you can get a Grammarly Premium free trial instantly. The 7-day trial once you created an account for the first time is no longer working. What you need to do is to keep on reading and learn from the methods that I am going to share here.

Here we go!

Get a Grammarly Premium Free Trial

The three methods below guarantees that you can get a Grammarly Premium free trial. But remember that it will not work for a lifetime. You will only get a few days or months depending on which method you are going to use.

Method 1: Create a Premium Account

Grammarly premium account

The first and easiest method is to create your Premium account in Grammarly. This method will require you to pay a little amount and get a refund later. Grammarly is offering a one-week money-back guarantee once you are not happy with its service. But I am sure you will never go wrong with this software.

To do that you need to have a PayPal or any bank account because you are going to pay upon signing up. Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Grammarly’s official website and sign up for an account. Remember, this only works for new accounts.

Step 2. Enter the details for your account (Name, Email, Password).

Step 3. Click on the “Get Grammarly Premium” and select the plan or subscription you want to get.

Step 4. Then choose the payment method (PayPal, debit or credit card).

Step 5. Pay for the subscription you decided to avail of.

After that, your account will be activated and you will have a Grammarly Premium free trial for one week. Before the 7-day free trial ends, you need to contact the Grammarly Support team and ask for a refund.

Please note: If you did not ask for a refund within 7 days upon signing up, Grammarly will continue to charge you for the subscription you have made.

Method 2: Refer a Friend

Grammarly refer a friend

Grammarly gifted its users a choice to have a longer Premium free trial by referring a friend. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Once you already have an account, add the Grammarly extension to your web browser.

Step 2. Next, click on the extension and you will see the option for “Invite Friends.”

Step 3. Grammarly will send you a link that you can share with your friends. Once they created an account, Grammarly will add another Premium free trial to your account. One new account is a one-week additional free trial.

Method 3. Make a Grammarly Review

This method works for a blogger who owns a blogging site that constantly receives visitors. Bloggers are given a chance to use a Grammarly Premium free trial in exchange for reviews that they need to post on their blog.

If you are a blogger, email the Grammarly team and explain to them your purpose of why you want a free trial. After Grammarly reviewed and approved your request, you will be granted a premium pass that will work for at least a month.

But of course, that doesn’t come for absolutely free. As I have said, you need to make a review after a while and have it posted on your site.

In Conclusion

Grammarly is still the best grammar checker you can get out there. out of many proofreading tools in the market, only Grammarly has the full potential to do everything for you.

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