Complete List of BB&T Routing Numbers by State

Routing numbers are necessary to understand so which you can receive direct deposits or make automatic money transfers. If you own an account in BBT bank and you cannot find the BB&T routing number on your check, we have a complete list in this post. Please see the table below to find what you are looking for.

bb&t routing number

BB&T Bank Routing Numbers by State

When you are trying to locate the routing number on tests, your BB&T Bank routing number is the very first string of numbers that you can find at
the bottom left of your personal or business checks. If you don’t have your checks available, you can use the graph to find your routing number quickly.

StateRouting Number
District of Columbia0540-0154-7
New Jersey0312-0471-0
North Carolina0531-0112-1
South Carolina0532-0160-7
West Virginia0515-0339-4

What’s a Routing Number?

A routing number, aka an ABA number, comprises nine digits that help banks identify other monetary institutions. By way of example, if you write a check for a purchase and it’s deposited into another lender than BB&T, that bank will use the routing number on the test to spot the bank, or the bank where the check has been drawn upon.

BB&T Bank has a total of 16 different check routing numbers. The BB&T routing number that you can see on your checks will be dependent on the place where you opened your BB&T account. By way of example, an account found in a BB&T Bank in Alabama is going to have a distinct routing amount compared to an account opened at a BB&T Bank in West Virginia.

Some financial institutions need a bank identifier code, which explains why banks worldwide, to finish an global wire transfer. A bank identifier code also known as the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) code — is your distinctive alphanumeric code that banks use to get global wire transfers. To locate the code, contact the lender you’re sending the cable transfer, or look up the code online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: what’s the primary advantage of BB&T bank cellphone banking?

Answer: The BB&T bank mobile banking makes it possible for the person to access their accounts and other information online. For this, they must possess a mobile device and a bank account. BB&T portable baking facility comes really handy when a person wants to look at the available account balance, review the accounts summary, transfer fund anytime and anyplace, etc..

Question 2: How to distinguish mobile banking and banking alerts that you received on your smartphone?

Answer: The mobile banking of BB&T bank will allow you to look at the available balance, do a fund transfer along with other banking-related transactions via your smart phone. Whereas the alerts are sent for your mobile device to close you about the transaction happened on your own accounts. It is really a piece of information that’s sent to your device automatically. The alarms are highly helpful to get informed about your account transaction.

Question 3: Things to do in the event of reduction of the mobile device?

Answer: If the mobile device is lost, report about the theft or loss instantly. Afterward, firstly log into your internet banking account using a computer system and delete the cell number that you cannot access anymore.

Some Reminders

If you’re planning to receive an international wire transfer, you’ll need to offer the person sending you the cash with details like your name as it appears on the account, account number, bank routing number and SWIFT code.

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